About us

About Us 

ELVIMEK SA was founded in 1975 with the object of constructing greenhouses and metal constructions in the wider region of Ierapetra, Crete. An area dynamically growing in the primary sector of agriculture with the cultivation of off-season early fresh vegetables under cover.

ELVIMEK SA pioneered over other companies in the construction of greenhouses, wooden impregnated, semimetallic, metallic and yalofrakton giving new dynamics and safety in the cultivation of vegetables thus contributes substantially to the increase in production, the economic development of the wider area of ​​Ierapetra and the rest of Crete .

Nowadays, ELVIMEK SA, after a 40-year route, is a modern industrial unit. Our goal is to provide our customers with prompt and reliable service.

We produce and dispose of heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, ventilating and generally all the equipment required in a modern greenhouse unit such as:

Air heaters, Air recirculation fans, Metallic water and oil tanks, Curtains and shading curtains, Heating, cooling and irrigation systems, Spraying and Pumping systems, Fertilizer mixers, Sprayers, Rides, Cooling chambers, Florist trolleys, And much more.

The company is evolving and after continuous research becoming aware of EC3 in construction design made of steel and respecting the Hellenistic new earthquake safety regulations of the Community framework intensely active since 1981 in the construction of modern Steel and Composite Building with great success.



Construction of modern greenhouse technology, with high standards for high yields. Metal - semi - Wooden well, all kinds of equipment.
We greenhouse constructions throughout Greece. ELVIMEK SA